Updated–November 25th–new kittens are available! They are still very young so the markings are not yet fully defined but they are already beautiful cubs :) Feel free to request new pictures at any time!

We take the most authentic pictures we can so you can see the Bengals in action–no editing whatsoever except for re-sizing for the web when needed. What you are seeing is what we see as best as we can capture on camera! They always look better in person but we do the best we can. If you would like extra pictures just let us know!

Also please note–5 generation pedigree information for both parents is available at any time,

Golden Rose ( Father =Justified)

Golden Rose and Justified have just had a new litter of two boys and one girl. These cubs were born late October and have just started walking around–the boys have very distinct dark two tone markings and the girl will be a bit lighter but also has distinct rosetting–all three have tight very light background pelts–gorgeous!


Thunder ( Father =Justified )

Thunder and Justified have two beautiful boys born just two weeks ago with lighter two tone rosetting on very light golden pelts. These pictures are for example only from a previous litter but will be updated when the babies have fully opened eyes. Feel free to ask for new pictures at any time :)


Lolita ( Father =Justified )

We have three beautiful brothers from Lolita! Born mid April and would be available in July. Two boys have excellent two tone rosetting on light golden glittered background pelts with black accenting and one is an adorable tri-color Marble. Very playful and affectionate boys. They would do well as a family Pet Companion or Breeder :) SOLD


Gigi ( Father =Justified )

Gigi Lafemme and Justified have given us a spectacular litter with very prominent leopard rosetting, distinct accenting with a nice light golden background. You can really see Justified’s markings and color coming through. We have one marble girl available, she is very shy and really sweet so would do best with a family :) SOLD




Health Guarantee/Contract, Both Parents Five Generation Pedigree, Registration with TICA, Vaccinations, Deworming


Pet: $800 — $1500

Breeder: $1500 — $2500

Breeder/Show: $2500 +

*Deposits are non-refundable and are priced according to Pet Companion or Breeder/Show. $300 CAN is minimum for Pet Companion deposit. This can be higher if shipping is involved so please inquire if you have any questions.

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