Akeerabengals Bullet

Azanabengals Master Yoda x Zallycatz Lady Sapphire

This girl has fantastic rosettes with a very light background coat. Her rosettes are very black outlined with a bright golden/copper color inside, they are very distinct. She also has wonderful structure, excellent contrast with a nice thick tail, great profile with very distinct pitch black accents on face, tail and legs. *this girl is retired and available as a Pet Companion*



Zallycatz Shelby

Huntersridge Cherrybomb x Zallycatz Justified

Shelby our beautiful keeper girl kept back from two of our amazing Bengals–she is highly patterned with two tone rosetted donut markings and a very distinct profile with strong features, bright white eye “goggles” and muzzle. She is a very nice big girl especially for her young age and takes after big daddy Justified. We’ve had very beautiful and healthy kids from these lines and are excited to see her upcoming cubs :)



Zallycatz Gypsy Rose

Huntersridge Bellastar x Huntersridge Picasso

This girl is our keeper from our beloved Bella Star and Picasso–we are sad that both parents have been retired but they are both staying with us as our family Pets. This girl is one of our upcoming stars and has the best of both worlds–excellent temperament/health plus amazing structure and distinct two tone markings.



Zallycatz Lolita

Azanabengals Love Struck x Huntersridge Bella Star

Fantastic markings, clear background and phenomenal mix of the golden, black and bronze. Perfect tail, structure and absolutely adorable! Lolita has given us wonderful cubs and has already proven to be an amazing mommy with strong healthy cubs :)



Columbia River Golden Rose

Drinkwater Sundance Kit x Wildbeach Something Special

Thank you so much to Jennifer for our newest addition to our Bengal breeding program. She is wonderful with a beautiful tight three tone rosetted coat–black outlined bronze donuts on a light golden background with very distinct black accenting and no barring. Spectacular profile, nice thick tail and she also has an excellent personality–very affectionate and playful-especially with the water as you can see from some of the pictures. She will make an excellent mommy and we can’t wait to see what Rose and Justified show us!



Columbia River Thunder

Tecspot Razmataz x Snopride Syndi

Thanks again to Jennifer for another wicked girl! This beautiful Bengal has wonderful two tone donut rosetting on a light tight background pelt with black accenting and amazing large green eyes. She is very affectionate and playful with big purrrs, just a great new addition here at Zallycatz–we are very exciting to see her upcoming cubs!

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