Zallycatz Mustang

Zallycatz Justified x Huntersridge Gigi LaFemme

Mustang is another beautiful boy–gorgeous two tone rosetting with a light golden background pelt. His structure is amazing with a strong torso, short thick tail and a very glittered tight coat. Not to mention he has a wonderful personality and is very gentle with our female Bengals. Just an amazing boy :)




Zallycatz Justified

Huntersridge Bellastar x Huntersridge Picasso

Justified aka “Justy” is completely phenomenal! He has the exact rosetting and funky markings that we are looking for in an upcoming Stud here at Zallycatz. He is a very sweet boy with the best color/contrasting and structure with a very muscular body, thick short tail and wonderful affectionate personality–he has the whole package!


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